Verizon CyanogenMod 10.1 Call/Text Issues & Solution

So, finally i upgraded my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (or i535 or d2vzw) from CM 10 to CM 10.1.

From my experience with Custom ROMs – they never work the way they should in the first try.

Initially, i upgraded from within my ROM through CM Updater. It upgraded fine but not even a minute after upgrade, services stopped. The first one to go was the Clock. Then went the I forgot to flash Gapps 4.2 which took me a while to figure out why Google apps won’t work!

After reading a few blogs and comments in forums, i gave it another chance. This time i flashed the CM 10.1 rom via ClockworkMod Recovery. And, i flashed the Gapps 4.2.

Like other times, i wasn’t expecting this installation to work correctly the first time. The phone rebooted and i waited.. completed a couple steps..and waited.. while it tried it best to activate. Waited for 10 minutes patiently. Gave up and powered it down.

Again, i went to the forums to see what was wrong this time. I found out a lot of people had issues with CM 10.1 nightlies. I finally found a solution to the network problems.

Here’s what i did to fix it:

1. Started up the phone.

2. It tried to activate the phone again. After sometime, it gave me an error that the network couldn’t be activated and if i would like to use the WiFi instead.

3. Connected to a Wifi.

4. The phone started just fine. Everything worked except Calls/Text.

5. As mentioned on some of the forums, i took the Sim Card out while the phone was still on. Let it sit for 2 minutes.

6. Inserted the Sim back in.

7. Went to Settings > More > Mobile Networks.

8. Clicked on “CDMA Subscription”.

9. Selected “RUIM/SIM” as option.

10. Went back and it started working. I could not make Calls and send/receive texts.

I restarted the phone just to make sure i don’t lose it again. But, it still worked after restart.

Let me know if it worked for you guys.

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10 thoughts on “Verizon CyanogenMod 10.1 Call/Text Issues & Solution

  1. Chris says:

    Worked For me on my US Cellular R530U

  2. Chad says:

    First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to publish your solution. I however do not have/see “RUIM/SIM as an option.

    In settings, when I click “more”, I then click “Mobile networks” then “Network Mode” I see, “global….EvDo only, CDMA w/o EvDo, etc…” no Ruim.

    Any help?

    • srbtyagi says:

      It should be under “Settings > More > Mobile Networks > CDMA Subscriptions

      You were looking under “Network Mode” instead of CDMA Subscriptions. Hope this helps.

  3. Chad says:

    Thank you for your reply, however, I do not have this CDMA Subscriptions option. Under Mobile Network Settings, I have…

    Data enabled
    Data roaming
    National data roaming
    Network Mode
    Access Point Names
    Use only 2G networks

    Network operators

    Any ideas?

  4. chad says:

    It is Verizon. Not sure how to tell?

  5. chad says:

    Thanks for continuing to work with me. It says my mobile network type is LTE:14. The network just says Verizon Wireless.

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