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The World of Mobile Development

So, you decided to start developing Mobile Apps but still aren’t sure what type of platform you should begin with. Or what category of app is popular among users or maybe what kind of app is best suited for your time and budget. Check out the infographic to help you out with these questions.

Read the entire post on Sundog: http://www.sundoginteractive.com/sunblog/posts/the-world-of-mobile-development

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Verizon CyanogenMod 10.1 Call/Text Issues & Solution

So, finally i upgraded my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (or i535 or d2vzw) from CM 10 to CM 10.1.

From my experience with Custom ROMs – they never work the way they should in the first try.

Initially, i upgraded from within my ROM through CM Updater. It upgraded fine but not even a minute after upgrade, services stopped. The first one to go was the Clock. Then went the com.android.phone. I forgot to flash Gapps 4.2 which took me a while to figure out why Google apps won’t work!

After reading a few blogs and comments in forums, i gave it another chance. This time i flashed the CM 10.1 rom via ClockworkMod Recovery. And, i flashed the Gapps 4.2.

Like other times, i wasn’t expecting this installation to work correctly the first time. The phone rebooted and i waited.. completed a couple steps..and waited.. while it tried it best to activate. Waited for 10 minutes patiently. Gave up and powered it down.

Again, i went to the forums to see what was wrong this time. I found out a lot of people had issues with CM 10.1 nightlies. I finally found a solution to the network problems.

Here’s what i did to fix it:

1. Started up the phone.

2. It tried to activate the phone again. After sometime, it gave me an error that the network couldn’t be activated and if i would like to use the WiFi instead.

3. Connected to a Wifi.

4. The phone started just fine. Everything worked except Calls/Text.

5. As mentioned on some of the forums, i took the Sim Card out while the phone was still on. Let it sit for 2 minutes.

6. Inserted the Sim back in.

7. Went to Settings > More > Mobile Networks.

8. Clicked on “CDMA Subscription”.

9. Selected “RUIM/SIM” as option.

10. Went back and it started working. I could not make Calls and send/receive texts.

I restarted the phone just to make sure i don’t lose it again. But, it still worked after restart.

Let me know if it worked for you guys.

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